Carrot Flowers

16 Jan

Pretty bouquet

Pretty bouquet

Today I’m not feeling the blog. I don’t have anything fabulous to post, so I’m thinking I’ll start a new “thing”. I’ll show you a picture of when I was feeling particularly into making school lunches. I’ll tell you who did it, if the kids liked it (meaning–ate it), and how long it took to make. We don’t Bento all the time, but we do add bits of fun to most lunches. By we I mean the kids…I was over making school lunches after the first week.

Here is the first installment of my “not feeling it, so look at this picture” series.

Carrots. My kids love them, and usually get sticks in their lunches a few times a week. The day that we peel and chop the big bag of carrots for the week we set one carrot aside. The biggest.

This one makes a special carrot flower. It started because Charlotte loves carrots, but couldn’t chew them. So, using the vegetable peeler, the big kids would shave off long thin strips for her. Of course all the kids had to try them, and inevitably play with them. Rolling them up into tubes turned into a fun way to make a flower in their lunches! Pierce’s usually get a squeeze of ranch dressing in the bottom of the cup, which he’s told me travels well and is fine at lunchtime.

Pierce made the ones pictured, he’s five. They can be made by anyone who has mastered the vegetable peeler, which my kids started using around 2 or 3 years of age.
He took about forty-five minutes to make three carrot flowers, arranging them in the cup is a tad difficult even for me.
The twins ate them up! They love carrot flower day, and we do it every couple of weeks.

If you want to try it:
1) Pick a fat carrot
2) Peel and wash it
3) Using the vegetable peeler slice off long strips until the carrot is too thin to make it worthwhile to continue.
4) In a silicon cup (or a small compartment of a lunch box, or maybe a paper cupcake liner?) place numerous rolled up strips of carrot in a manner that resembles a flower.

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