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How to keep the apple from getting funky.

So simple and it works!

So simple and it works!

Apples. They brown if you slice them, they aren’t as likely to get eaten if you don’t.

I’ve tried everything to keep them from browning before the kids get to lunch time. Lemon juice, orange juice, lemon-lime soda. All of these work, but leave a taste on the fruit that my kids complain about.

So now I use the handy dandy slicer on the apples…then hand the whole thing to a kid who is waiting impatiently on the sidelines with a rubber band. They slip it over the apple, and we all marvel at the fact that it looks whole! From start to finish this trick takes 27 seconds, and it always gets completely eaten when sent as their snack.

My twins prefer this method since the fruit only tastes like fruit.

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